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Szybkopak -GYPSYSzybkopak -GYPSYSzybkopak -GYPSYSzybkopak -GYPSYSzybkopak -GYPSYSzybkopak -GYPSYSzybkopak -GYPSYSzybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY
Szybkopak -GYPSY

Szybkopak -GYPSY


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It’s a beautiful flyable day, a multiple- flight kind of day for sure, and you’re a pilot in training… Or working on your latest acro manoeuvre… Or have a queue of passengers wanting to go tandem. After each fabulous flight it’s all about getting back to launch as fast as possible to maximise the day. Whether your return to launch is by foot, by bus or by lift, the GYPSY fastback bag is designed to gather your wing quickly into an easy to carry and comfortable rucksack that will protect your kit and your back, and get yourself back up there.

To use your GYPSY, simply throw the bunched up glider onto it, put your harness and helmet on top, and draw in the cord, securing it with the Fixlock. Close the bag with the two sturdy clips, and use the side compression straps to cinch it all in and keep the load close to your back. The comfortable carry system is made for walking (but we won’t tell if you take the lift). The back system is cleverly designed so there’s ample padding where you need it, and room for air to circulate where you don’t, and the weight-optimised hip belt is removable. A separate riser bag keeps your risers neat and prevents tangling. It’s all made from high-quality and durable ripstop nylon with easy-reach side pockets to stow your radio or drink where you can access it on the go, and a grab-handle on top to make it easy to transfer to a vehicle or lift.

The GYPSY is available in three sizes in BGD-bright colours: yellow is the smallest size, for small kits and lightweight wings; blue is medium for standard solos, and the purple version is large enough for an entire tandem kit.

Weight S Lemon: 1.24 kg, Volume S Lemon: 120 l (for a light weight gear or a single glider)

Weight M Berry: 1.4 kg, Volume M Berry: 170 l (for a normal gear, harness and glider)

Weight L Cherry: 1.56 kg, Volume L Cherry: 220 l (for complete tandem gear, glider and two harnesses)

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